Our Story

Junita's Story

(PRON Ja-nee-tah)

Much more than a survivor of domestic abuse, Junita’s story is one of resilience and love. She found strength baking the recipes of her childhood, which led to a purpose filled business. Junita was not only determined to create a better life for herself and her family, she also made a commitment to embrace hope for others.

A portion of Junita’s Jar profits is donated to support education and awareness initiatives dedicated to ending relationship violence. So, when you buy these deliciously wholesome cookies, you become a part of our mission to help women live their best lives.


Share cookies. Spark conversations. Spread hope.

Junita's Jar is a cookie company creating conversations to educate and eliminate relationship violence against women. Building upon the rich traditions of using food as a tool to connect and engage, our goal is to reduce the shame, isolation and loneliness that is experienced by victims of relationship violence, through the powerful connection that is shared in conversation and community.

When we normalize and engage in tough conversations, we can become an important part of the solution that creates positive change.

We share cookies. We spark conversations. We spread hope.


Our Commitment

We are here to satisfy your sweet treat cravings with cookies and fill your hearts with hope. We invite you to open up your favorite cookie snack pack and indulge in the cookie goodness, open up your mind to spark conversations and open up your heart to hope-filled possibilities.