Turning Pain into Purpose - The Iridescent Podcast Interview

Turning Pain into Purpose - The Iridescent Podcast Interview

As a mission-driven entrepreneur and founder of Junita's Jar, it is vital to our daily operations that we lead with our WHY. I want to clearly communicate our story that the purpose behind every cookie produced, served and sold is bigger than the revenue it generates. The purpose behind Junita's Jar is to inspire women to live their best lives by spreading a message of hope that fuels positive change. "I want to see women live well in well-loved moments. To encourage her to exceed expectations, time and time again. To empower a world without abuse."

Last week I had the opportunity to connect with the Nicole and Alex, co-founders of Iridescent Women and The Iridescent Podcast, a podcast dedicated to sharing real experiences and conversations to  champion, encourage, and inspire each other to explore our own unique brilliance. Chatting with Nicole and Alex felt like a conversation among life long friends, sharing stories of inspiration, hardship and transformation. 

Today, I am inviting you to listen in our conversation. So, go ahead and grab your favorite beverage, tear into your favorite cookie snack pack flavor, pull up a comfy chair and listen in on the conversation by clicking here.

The Iridescent Podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.


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